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About Sustainable Resources

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Why We're Here

9/11 was an event similar to Pearl Harbor - a bubble-bursting of our false sense of security and isolationism, the illusion that we're separate from the rest of the world's problems. The validity of this realization is much more apparent today. The internet, cell phones, email, satellite TV and phones all strengthen our interconnectedness to an integrated world. In terms of the environment, this is very obvious: polluted air and water don't stop their movement because of nationally-defined borders. Though not as obvious, the spread of disease, healthy or unhealthy psychological and cultural attitudes is no less pervasive.

In some ways, we could say that just like we can't have a non-polluted country when the rest of the world is highly polluted, we can't be truly healthy when the rest of the world has such huge health and environmental problems. And with more resources comes more responsibility.

The organization's main purpose is to find solutions to major world problems as defined by the UN's Millennium Goals:

  1. eradicating extreme poverty
  2. achieving universal primary education
  3. promoting gender equality
  4. reducing child mortality
  5. improving maternal health
  6. combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
  7. ensuring environmental sustainability and developing a global partnership for development

From engineering to the arts, from medicine to spirituality, from academia to grass roots NGO's in developing countries Sustainable Resources seeks to bring together the world's foremost experts to facilitate partnerships and collaborations. By creating gestalts and connections that strengthen and empower the work of local non-profits and international NGO's, large and small business, religious and educational organizations, USA and world-wide governments - everyone can become more effective and successful.

Sustainable Resources is a non-profit founded on May 21st, 2003 with 501(c)3 status determined by the IRS on March 16th, 2004. (EIN #68-0553651, DLN#17053058011044)

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