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Public Talks

"New and Effective Levels of Thinking"

Thursday, Sept 30, 2004 8:30 am - 12:30 pm
Macky Auditorium, CU Boulder

$25 for 10:30 am session or $45 all morning

(free for SR4 Conference attendees)

8:30 - 9 am Learning From Natives Culture Track Opening Ceremony

John Todd  - "Ecological Design and Planetary Healing"

A leading pioneer and expert in the emerging field of ecological design and engineering, John was named one of the 20th Century's top thirty-five inventors. His "Living Machines" are ecological engines that treat wastes, produce foods, and generate fuels while restoring damaged aquatic environments.


Carolyn Raffensperger - "The Revolutionary Idea Of Putting Safety First"

Archaeologist, environmental lawyer and founder of the Science & Education Health Network that works to implement the "Precautionary Principle" - using Hippocrates' "First, do no harm" as a basis for environmental and public health policy instead of taking chances that new products may really be "Pandora Poisons"

Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne - "Spiritual Insight, Practical Solutions"

Fron Sri Lanka and considered "The Gandhi of our Era", Dr. Ari founded the Sarvodaya movement and is spiritual strategist and guide of the Sri Lankan peace movement. One of the world's pioneers in rural and sustainable development based on the spiritual precepts of "universal awakening" and self-reliance, for 50 years he's worked to alleviate rural poverty, illiteracy, hunger and desolation.

  10:30 session start

Award Ceremony: Leeds Business School - CEO Environmental Achievement Award


Riane Eisler - "Partnership Educaton"

Cultural historian and evolutionary theorist, pioneering researcher demonstrating the strong correlation between the status of women and the general quality of a nation's life, Riane's international bestseller The Chalice and The Blade was hailed by Princeton anthropologist Ashley Montagu as "the most important book since Darwin's Origin of Species" and has been translated into 19 languages.

William McDonough - "All Sustainability is Local: A Global Strategy"

Internationally renowned designer and primary shaper of "The Next Industrial Revolution", Bill helped launch the 'green building' movement and received the nation's highest environmental honor, the Presidential Award for Sustainable Development. His award-winning projects have set new standards for design quality, environmental sensitivity, and functional effectiveness.


Emcee: Claudine Schneider - Member of the US Congress for ten years, and author of legislation from sustainable energy policy to the Biodiversity Treaty. She is an Emmy Award winner, successful businesswoman and artist.


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All morning $45

10:30 session only $25

Note: This event is part of our main conference, so if you're registered for the full conference you do NOT need to register separately for this event.

When registering online:

  • Enter your contact info on the first screen, then select the first class code on the second page (the one entitled "Pre/Post Conferences & Special Events").
  • On the 3rd screen you can enter in the quantity of tickets you would like to purchase for the Thursday morning public event entitled "New and Effective Levels of Thinking."
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*Speakers and schedule subject to change


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