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How You Can Help
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How You Can Help

Support Our Sponsors

Become a Conference Sponsor!
Partner with us as a sponsor of the annual Sustainable Resources Conferences and enjoy the benefits of corporate leadership, marketing visibility, and exclusive networking opportunities at this international event. Demonstrate your commitment to growing the sustainable living industry, and draw from top entrepreneurs, visionaries, vendors, technical experts, media and government agencies in the markets for solving world poverty and creating a sustainable world. Click here for more details.

Share the Health!
An extensive series of sessions will present innovative models for health promotion in the context of Health as Human Rights, Ecological Medicine and Complementary Medicine. These workshops will explore solutions to environmental threats, diseases such as AIDS and malaria as well as examining macro-factors associated with health status, including political, economic and social elements such as those associated with rapid population growth, the limited availability of health services and medicines.

A long list of barefoot doctors and health care practioners from developing countries have applied for help with travel expenses to attend this conference. They are the kinds of people who can use the information and contacts at this event to make dramatic, grass-roots improvements in their local health care facilities. If you are in the medical field, and/or would like to help some of these people attend, please contact Sustainable Resources, 303-998-1323, info@sustainableresources.org, http://www.sustainableresources.org.

Support a Village Leader
Help make it possible for grassroots leaders to come to a Sustainable Resources Conferences and share solutions with each other. Successful innovators in economic development, renewable energy, education, as well as food, water and shelter, these people will be representing the world's most dynamic organizations. For more details click here.

Any donations you're willing to provide - from $10 to $10 million - will be very appreciated and well used. (As well as tax deductible.) For more details click here.

We're pioneering a new approach to donations. Rather than just giving dollars, you can use this method to directly provide tools that create micro-businesses in developing countries. Give it a try.


We welcome volunteers! Last year we couldn't have done it without the help of more than 200 volunteers who helped all summer long and during the conference. Please contact our volunteer coordinator if you are interested: jordan@sustainableresources.org

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